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Ballroom Dancing Movies

Since the beginning Hollywood and its movie makers have had a love affair with dancing. That encompasses everything from Ballroom to break dancing. Wonderful music fused with talented dancers and dazzling costumes does make for a winner whether it is Latin American dance, Standard Ballroom dancing, jazz or disco Ballroom Dancing Movies. You will find that in some of the movies, the ballroom dancing consists of just a take or two as in Gone With the Wind – Rhett makes a bid for the privilege of dancing the Virginia Reel with the popular Scarlett or in The Shining – the hotel ghosts spend the night dancing in the dancehall class toronto.

In some other Ballroom dancing movies, the ballroom dancing is the core of the plot as in the popular movie, Shall We Dance – a Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez movie portaying a family man who joins up for ballroom dance lessons with the aim of meeting the gorgeous woman he has observed in the window of the dance studio on his train commute home every night. He finally falls in love with the dancing he experiences and has to do some tricky juggling to not let his little secret out to his wife and work mates as he takes the time to train for Chicago’s grandest ballroom dance competition.

Strictly Wonderful is a sentimental comedy about a ballroom dancing rebel who gets together with an novice to train for a big ballroom competition. This movie got a fifteen minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. The film Dance With Me, is the tale of a youthful Cuban, Rafael, who arrives in America following the dying of his mother and meets up with his father who manages a dance studio. As luck would have it Rafael is found to be a natural dancer and turns out to be his father’s finest hope of winning a championship for his studio.

The key that makes this film quite unique is that it is one of the few films that used ballroom competitors which makes for sublime real ballroom dance scenes.

Ballroom, or others types of dancing, has been a part of hundreds of Ballroom dancing movies. The Jets and the Sharks danced their story through West Side Story, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey placed Dirty Dancing in the media. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire inspired wonder around the world with the grace and beauty of their dancing. It was even joked that Ginger Rogers should have been given top billing considering she did all Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels! During 1935 pint-size Shirley Temple tap danced her way
through The Little Colonel with the marvelous Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and in 1939 following Judy Garland watching a bunch of “munchkins” sing and dance to celebrate the demise of the wicked witch, joined with the tin man, scarecrow and lion and they all danced their way to the land of Oz.. In 1983 Flashdance injected the exotic into dancing and 2004 presented animated characters like Shrek dancing the night away.

Ballroom dancing movies are thrilling to watch in person and splendid to watch on TV, but the big screen brings a new dimension to the romance, grace and passion that is ballroom dancing.